church notice board green aluminium

Our Approach

With over 23 years of experience in manufacturing noticeboards for churches throughout the country, our approach is simple. We build quality noticeboards, at affordable prices, and deliver excellent customer service to make your life easy.

Our Story

We began manufacturing noticeboards way back in 1996, working from a small garage. We now occupy a 12,000 sq ft factory and we are proud to say that all of the 6000+ noticeboards we've manufactured are made in the UK.

What we do

From initial contact we'll provide you with a free design and quotation service. Once you are happy with your design and quote, we'll put it into production in our factory. We manufacture everything in-house, including using our own powder coating facilities. Once your board is ready we'll either send via courier or, if you choose, we'll come and install it for you. We don't subcontract any of our manufacturing or installations to third parties so you can be assured of the highest quality board and installation.

Hints and Tips for DIY Installation

  • 1 Dig a neat hole approximately 650mm deep
  • 2 Ensure posts are vertical
  • 3 Measure down from the top of each post, place mark, and level across
  • 4 Backfill with dry 'post mix concrete' and compact
  • 5 Check equal measures on both sides
  • 6 Position and secure fixings
diy notice board installation dig holes
diy notice board installation level across
diy notice board installation check equal measures
diy notice board installation vertical posts
diy notice board installation post mix concrete
diy notice board installation secure fixings

Next Steps...

Give us a call now on 01606 871188 to discuss your noticeboard requirements, or click the contact button for a free quote and design.